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I am in a relationship with my friend’s brother. We use to talk over phone about adult stuff. Many times I use to masturbate and imagine putting his dick in my pussy, but never caught the change in reality. But one day our time had come. I was supposed to return some books which I have taken from my friend. He has told his brother to come to my home and take the books back.

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Luckily, there was nobody at home on that day, I was fully prepared to blast and was just wearing skinny T-shirt and little panty. When he came, this blonde burning angel just started kissing me and removed all my clothes except for the panties. He has sucked my boobs and turned me down and started putting his finger in my pussy. It was a little tight, as it was the first time I would do it, but I wanted to. He kissed me all over, did the panty pops  and started putting his hard and big dick in my pussy from back. He was rubbing his dick on my clitoris and, his dick inside my pussy and soon it came out. We were ready to it again for the second time and we have done it again and again since then.

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I am Laura, now acting as a TV anchor. But there was a time when I was not even contracting a small Job. I remember the day of my success; It was Sunday morning when I had to meet with the producer of the show. I got myself ready and reached his home before 10 minutes the meeting time. I found there was no one , but only producer was sitting on a chair in his underwear only.

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I got him, what was he looking for? I just made myself close to him and put my hand inside his underwear, he was getting harder. It was a hard and long dick in my hand, I was ready to fucked by a rich and handsome guy. He had taken off my clothes and started sucking by big tits. I have kissed on the tip and started the blow job,  Now , it was his turn now , he came over me and started fucking my pussy, panty pops at his troke. .I parted my thighs to accommodate his dick, he was pressing me hard until his balls pressed my cunt’s lips.

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I am a private secretary for a businessman of real estate business. It becomes all fun when your boss becomes your boyfriend. From day one, I started seducing my boss by wearing little skirts. Today my office delivers everything for me: work as comfortably and a big thick cock to make me happy.  It was initiated on a sunny day when my boss was in full mood to bang me.
He just came to me and asked for private job, I was also waiting for that day very eagerly , he has taken off all my clothes except my panty. He daring sex and put his dick inside me and started fucking me harder. Doing the panty pops, as brunette Latina Miya Stone got fucked like never before. Now it’s a part of my daily Job as a girlfriend as well as secretary.

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My family had been shifted to a new city; everything here was unknown to us. There was a tall guy named Jack in my new neighborhood. He was crazy about the gym and exercise and having a good muscular body. With the passage of time his family learns  about us and we started going to each other’s home. One day Jack came to me and was complaining about some muscle pull in his back.

I took him to my bedroom and removed his shirt to apply some pain relieving gel on that. He was just wearing knickers and his 9 inch big dick was erratic and was pointing at me. He made the sexy panty and the sexy ass, natural teen blonde Lucy Taylor was for the first time fucked by suck a huge dick. It was just an offer for me to have ridden on such a big cock, without watching at his face I just pulled his penis outside and started doing gentle hand job. Jack just started putting it inside me and I was moaning.

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I am petite brunette Ava Taylor, a  26 years old chick . I love to watch porn stuff when I am alone at home. My pussy has been just two fingers wide opened. I usually hate the salesperson that comes at the door, but it was a surprise when a tall, handsome salesman came to my home. I was just watching porn movie as I was alone at my home.

I was completely wet when he has knocked at the door. I was just wearing my sandals and my black panty. When I saw his muscular body ,I couldn’t resist , I just grabbed him on my couch. The guy was also looking very excited, so he bent me over, saw my panties, pops it to the side and takes me. I just asked him to lick on my cunt, he was so good in licking job… he scrolled his tongue inside my vagina.

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I am a 28 year young guy and I love to fuck all types of ladies. I never get satisfied with one kind, always search for a new and different taste. My friend had told me to try a exotic black beauty , and I invited ebony babe Ana Foxxx to my house.  I asked Ana to show her talent and she took off her clothes and started showing me her black beauty. She was perfectly built:  big boobs, nice ass.

I couldn’t resist anymore and asked her to give me a blow job…. You can’t even imagine she has sucked my entire penis up to the balls, given a deep throat massage to my dick. I saw her panty pops at the touch of my hands, offering her beautiful pussy to me.I just wanted to nail her ass hole and put my dick inside her dick was slamming her ass. I was going to come now and soon there was thick hot white liquid over her ass. Really it was a great fun with black beauty queen.

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It was my 22nd birthday and I was expecting a good gift from my friend Nicole. I had just invited my four friends, including Nicole at my home to celebrate my birthday party. We had a lot of fun and all my friends were supposed to leave for their homes now. All of them had given me beautiful gifts , Nicole gave me his surprised gift in the last. It was a pretty watch and a pack of chocolate flavored condoms , Nick knew that I love chocolate.

I have asked all my friends to go and requested Nick to stay here to help me out. We both have secret plan going on in our minds. Without wasting much time we both get naked. He started by kissing my neck, His penis was  huge and thick. He made the panty pops  parted my legs and started licking my wet and throbbing pussy. I was feeling his tongue on my vaginal lips. Now he started fucking my pussy hard,I felt my legs were shaking and started screaming. Best birthday gift ever.

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My employer is a natural pornstar Karmen Karma, she has a passion for work. She is a free time fashion designer and I am her assistant, she makes me to work overnight shifts and give me rewards for that, that’s why I like her very much. She has a very attractive figure Big Boobs, round tiny ass and juicy lips. I always dream to fuck her and never expected that my wish will come true one day.

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We have got a big business deal and we were working very hard on that, suddenly one night when I reached my home after attending office, she called me up and asked me to come back. Without a second thought reached her home. She was just wearing panty and asked me to have some fun, as we have to work overnight. I got to make her panty pops and fucked her hard as ever. That was the great reward she had ever given to me… now I could work overnight.

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It was my last day in my college; all of my friends were enjoying a lot! Soon we will be graduating and will be looking for universities or good jobs. Some of my friends decided to celebrate the moment, so we had a party at my friend Lola’s home. After the party when I returned back home, I found that I had left my purse at Lola’s home. I called her and she told me that she was not home, but I could look for my bag.

I immediately went back, there was Lola’s cousin Brad at her home. He handed over  my bag , I just checked it out and found that my bra and panty was missing which I had newly purchased. I asked Brad if he has seen my stuff, he pointed on my pussy and on my big tits and said “busty blonde, Nina Elle! He stood up, came to me and started kissing on my neck. He did the panty pops trick and put his hard dick in my ass ….my  ass tightly  gripped his dick and it didn’t take too long for me  to loosen…Thanks to my lost purse , which gave me hardcore pleasure..

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I am a single mom working in a publishing house. My Husband and I got separated a few months back, earlier my husband dropped at my office in the morning and picked me up in the evening. Now I have hired a Cab driver, a very nice guy he does that job for me. Last Friday there was too much work at my office so I stayed in my office. My driver waited for me and dropped me at my home late night. When he was about to return, the engine of the car stopped working. He tried a lot but failed in all attempts, I asked him to stay at my home and get the car repaired by morning.

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I asked him to take a shower and offered him to wear the clothes of my ex-husband. He came back after taking a shower, he saw my panties and bra laying on the couch which I have thrown in the morning. He has started rubbing his dick over his pants, it was a long time that I had sex. I was overwhelmed with the opportunity that was in front of me. I had a nice ass, sexy panties, which he made the panty pops with in a second, and fucked me too hard. He put his hard rock dick inside my pussy and I was thrilled with Joy. He kicked me so hard that my legs were trembling; both of us enjoyed a Lot!! This cab driver has given me good service.

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