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I am working as an accountant for  an audit firm. It was the peak time of work in the financial year ending and there was lots of pending work on my desk. James my colleague was always helpful to me in all my work. I was very much upset due to my pending work, James came to me and told me that he will help me out and we had decided to take the files of pending work to my home.

It was the first time that James came to my home, just after finishing our dinner we have started working together. We worked continuously for 3 hours, and all my work was finished… I was very happy with James and wanted to give all of mine to him.. Suddenly, James just put his hand on my breast and given a cunning smile he made the panty pops and told me I was a brunette Latina with a gorgeous butt. He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked, and could finally relax, since my work was done.

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I am a college student and love to have fun with my friends. Jennifer is my best friend, she lives with her Dad. My friend had not been coming to college for the last 5 days, that made me upset and I rushed to her home after my college. She was having severe illness and was taking bed rest; her father was taking care of her. When I came to her, I just asked about her health and let her  take the rest. I wanted to help her, so I decided to stay at her home. In the nighttime, her father asked me to have a shower and change the clothes what I was wearing at that time.

I took a quick shower and was posing with my ass up and just wearing my panty. Her father was watching me and he just came to me and told me that he could make that panty pops in a second. I challenged him to it, and he said this college babe Amirah Adara was getting fucked today. I just turned around and put his hand on my pussy, he started giving me gentle massage . I started getting wet soon and asked him to come over me. I couldn’t believe his dick was so hard and big and it started pushing himself completely inside me and was sucking my tits too hard.

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