Tattoo Brunette Raven Bay

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It was my 22nd birthday and I was expecting a good gift from my friend Nicole. I had just invited my four friends, including Nicole at my home to celebrate my birthday party. We had a lot of fun and all my friends were supposed to leave for their homes now. All of them had given me beautiful gifts , Nicole gave me his surprised gift in the last. It was a pretty watch and a pack of chocolate flavored condoms , Nick knew that I love chocolate.

I have asked all my friends to go and requested Nick to stay here to help me out. We both have secret plan going on in our minds. Without wasting much time we both get naked. He started by kissing my neck, His penis was  huge and thick. He made the panty pops  parted my legs and started licking my wet and throbbing pussy. I was feeling his tongue on my vaginal lips. Now he started fucking my pussy hard,I felt my legs were shaking and started screaming. Best birthday gift ever.

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